Here at The Dental Clinic Greece we offer multiple orthodontic treatments that can help you get a more beautiful and even-looking smile. An Orthodontic treatment involves the use of appliances such as braces, clear aligners ( Invisalign ,CA® – ALIGNER) and retainers to move teeth and keep them in ideal alignment. The appliances put steady and gentle pressure on your teeth to help them move through the bone in your mouth. Orthodontics not only concerns children and teenagers. It is also strongly recommended for adults. In addition to the concern of dental alignment and smile design, it participates to a person’s oral hygiene and general health.

Especially in adults we begin the treatment with a digital impression using intraoral 3d scanners and then we create a bespoke treatment plan for straightening your teeth using Invisalign® or CA® – ALIGNER , that will show you the evolution of your smile , step by step. After showing you the treatment plan we will quote you the cost and the duration needed for your treatment and you will decide whether you want to proceed or not. In case you agree you will receive your orthodontic appliance and instructions for getting the most out of your treatment.